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BAERUM MASTERPLAN  // Baerum, NO // Ongoing

The scheme seeks to balance two forces seemingly in contention; Baerum’s projected population growth and the
subsequent demand for public recreational space, and the preservation of the river’s diverse natural life as it encroaches beyond its banks over the coming decades. The proposed programmatic re-appropriation of the site
complements and extends the existing cultural strip to the south, while providing amenities for residents of the immediate community. It is designed to create areas of different character, which responds to the variation in context from the more urban landscape to the west of the site, and the natural and fragile landscape in the east. Through the creation of Active and Passive zones, the experience of the area caters for a variety of ages and demographics. Nearby the Arts Centre and Botanical Garden, we have suggested a series of allotments, which could be shared between the nearby residents. Many elderly people live in serviced apartments in the area, and as such, having access to allotments might be a nice way to maintain a connection with the outdoors. In the western end of the site, we proposed an urban arts park. This is a place for spontaneous athletic activities such as skateboarding, parkour, bmx and any other expressions that links to youth culture. Being a largely industrial site, the gritty and rough nature of the surroundings create a perfect backdrop for the development of Sandvika’s street culture.


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