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Boscombe Sands  // Bournemouth, UK // Completed

Our proposal for a collection of beach huts is based on the idea of prospect and refuge and the ephemeral qualities
of the sky and atmosphere, taking as our cue Turner masterpieces from the nineteenth century. The huts are designed as sculptural abstractions of the traditional British beach hut. Constructed in marine grade plywood, the stained and lacquered pastel surfaces in subtle tints and hues are reminiscent of historical seaside structures. The huts are formed as trapezoidal boxes with their tallest side responding to the view of the horizon; whilst the back is lower to provide  reater privacy where a small kitchenette is provided. When closed, tailored kinks and facetted surfaces direct views out through the windows located at seating level, veiling occupants from onlookers. In contrast, the front layers of the hut can open out independently to frame views and provide shaded daylight and natural ventilation.

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