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GASHOLDER No.8  // London, UK // 2012-

A competition was held to transform the redundant iconic gas holders in King’s Cross, to create a play area and a public
space that can be used for events. Originally constructed in the 1850s, Gasholder No. 8 is a Grade II listed 25m high circular frame structure. Our proposal created a flowing and varied topography of landscape plateaus and paths within the gas holder frame, which would re-energise the structure with public activity. Conceptually, the public space was developed as an orbital arrangement around public nodes, which are situated in close proximity to the surrounding functions of the neighbouring developments. In the evenings, the Gasholder frame is illuminated by an LED light ‘Halo’ suspended within the frame, which can move vertically to recreate the shifting datum of gas levels within the structure and provide a beacon visible from the surrounding areas.


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