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IIMS Balbriggan  // Dublin, IRL // Ongoing

We have won planning approval to expand the Irish Institute of Music and Song in Balbriggan Co. Dublin, Ireland. The
project, designed by SFA42, a partnership between Stephen Foley Architects and 42 Architects, will include a new build three storey music school, which will providing teaching classrooms and 400 seat auditorium specifically designed for the performance of non-amplified chamber music.



The new building replaces a derelict nursing home annex which was built onto the rear of Bedford House, a three storey over basement Georgian House. The internal auditorium volume is surrounded with gently sloping roofs which respond to the layout of the classrooms and proportions of Bedford House, a protected structure, and give public facades to the adjoining streets.  The massing of the building is further broken up by using splays in the façade geometry towards the centre of the town.


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