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Killybegs Small Craft Harbour  // Killybegs, IRL // Onsite, Completion Autumn 2023

Conceptually the building is designed to blend with its surroundings responding to maritime aesthetics. The structure is divided into 5 bays which have the scale, form and materiality of the small crafts in the harbour. These short spans allow for a thin slender structure which is similar in nature to the sailing masts in front of the building. The roof is reminiscent of over turned boats on the roof, also responding to the roof profile of the Auction Hall across the water.


The front (north) elevation is as transparent as possible. At the ground floor there is a smallreception area, office, multipurpose store, laundry with the meeting room and terraced area above.To the rear (south elevation) opposite the carpark there is a stair core and external access to theshower pods and sluice. External access means that the facilities are not reliant on the receptionbeing open. A large window in the meeting room and porthole windows in the doors and stairwellprovide passive surveillance of the car park as well as lighting the interior spaces.

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