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PALAIS DE LA PLAGE // Monaco, FR // Design Development

Our proposal was developed in direct response to the unique landscape of Monaco with its steeply sloping
coastline and high-density, urban character. Due to the site’s exceptionally close proximity to the sea we developed a
volumetric response that opens its beach facing frontage to maximise views to the ocean. The ocean views and
horizon are in turn reflected in the formal composition of the building - with horizontal slabs overtly expressed with a
minimum interruption of vertical elements. Taking the idea of a collection of sea viewing decks, the building is envisaged as a stack of floor planes floating above eachother. These slabs are then shifted in opposing directions to form an oscillating, wave-like facade. The facade is envisaged as being a monolithic and mineral - a concrete frame
clad in large format precast stone panels. Using a light coloured limestone will visually connect the building to the
surrounding light sand of the beach. The typical apartment layout is driven by the desire to maximise the number of
primary rooms that will enjoy a direct relationship with the sea frontage.

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