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NUNS ISLAND  // Galway, IRL // 2017

Nuns Island is the key gateway between Galway City centre and the University. The site offers fantastic potential for new public types of public space to act as a counter point to Eyre square to the east of the city centre. Our strategy builds on the existing green infrastructure to create a new amenity landscape where people can connect with the waterways that define the city of Galway. We propose new landscape amenities on the millrace along the Corrib River with new linkages from the city centre to Nun’s Island across pedestrian bridges leading to a new public waterfront on the island. The island will be redefined by a new public space on the site of the existing surface carpark. This public space will have structured edges to accommodate public transport and related facilities, giving a terminus to transport approaching from the west side of the city. The amount of surface carparking will be reduced to reflect more diverse and sustainable modes of transport. This new plaza will act as a focal point for the development of the island with new uses opening off the centre. Our design proposal was developed in collaboration with John McLaughlin Architects (IRL).

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