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Ostberget  // Ostersund, SE // Ongoing

The project Östberget is the result of an ongoing dialogue between Färgfabriken Art Space, 42 Architects, and Östersund Council. Östberget (East Mountain) is one of Östersund’s most visible places; it creates a backdrop to
the town square, Stortorget, and is visible from many key locations within the city. Östberget is mainly used during the winter months, with skiing being the most popular activity, in contrast to a vast shortage of activities and inaccessibility during the summer months. Our proposal aimed to generate a sensitive new infrastructure consisting of several public interventions within the mountain landscape to transform Östberget into an inclusive place for year round use. A series of wind lights dispersed across the mountain provide scenic resting points within the forest landscape. Elevated walkways weave in and out of the forest enable a new experience of the mountain from in-between, and above the trees. A new cafe building, embedded within the picturesque terrain, was designed to maximise views of the landscape with a minimal impact on the environment. The project was exhibited at a public consultation in 2010, and gained extensive press and media coverage from national and international press, radio and television.

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