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Salford Meadows Bridge  // Manchester, UK // Completed

Our proposal for the new pedestrian bridge between a busy road and a meadow parkland is based on two main ideas.
The first being the idea of a slow descent into the meadow from the road, situated on a higher level than the park. To
make up for the change in level, we introduced a circular ramp that allows for a slow transition between bridge and
park, while offering a 360 degree view of the river and woodlands. The second idea we pursued was the idea of
a material fade, where the bridge seem almost transparent at the centre, and fades into a solid form as it reaches the
abutment structures at each end. This effect was created by using a varying density of metal ‘fins’, which act both
as cladding for the underside of the bridge, as well as a balustrade on each side of the walkable surface. Together,
the two ideas create a sculptural and calm addition to the intense and textural environment in which it sits.

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