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AA Visiting School Barcelona 2015

Stephen Foley from SFA is a tutor at one of the most popular Architectural Association Visiting Schools held annually at the School of Architecture Barcelona (ESTAB).

Each year the workshop investigates interrelations between enology and architecture, meandering between scales and playful experiments with wine, speculating on what a space for the experience or making of wine might be in the context of a winery. We thoroughly follow the linear process of wine making, spatially and temporarily to examine the attributes that characterize it along it's course, the conditions, the qualities, the events, the materiality. Each team of students tests out their hypothesis in various medium and scales producing masterplans for a bodega (2013), adaptations and interventions (2014) and mise en scene (2015). In parallel they also produce innovative products designed to enhance the sensual experience of wine using digital fabrication and carry out experiments in what we call the Laboratory of the Senses. The output of this intensive annual workshop has been exhibited in the Architectural Association London and the Roca Gallery Barcelona and we have consistently attracted students from all over the world. This year the students will produce 1:1 and 1:10 installations in Barcelona which embrace the liquid condition of wine as a medium.

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