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IAF Housing Unlocked Competition

THE EXHIBITION - Eight architect-led solutions to help unlock housing in Ireland

How do we build affordable homes and resilient communities? How fast can we deliver low carbon homes? Can we increase housing density at the edges of cities? How can we use untapped potential to solve housing problems in our towns? Can towns and cities find extra housing in iconic buildings, church sites and vacant shops? How might we optimise quality of life in a compact urban block?

The installations in this exhibition propose creative and practical answers to these and related questions about housing in Ireland today. Each piece has been developed by a team of architects and their collaborators. Proposals were selected by a Jury of national and international experts through an Open Call process.

Housing Unlocked is a partnership between the Irish Architecture Foundation and The Housing Agency. The exhibition and programme are curated by the Irish Architecture Foundation.

A simple idea can produce a powerful effect. We hope this exhibition will inspire action and produce a lasting legacy.


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