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Southbank Urban Arts  // London, UK // 2013

The project for a new Urban Arts Area is part of the redevelopment plans for the Southbank Centre, situated
on the riverfront just meters away from the Thames river. The southbank is one of the most popular public spaces
in London, with millions of visitors each year. Our design proposes the replacement of the existing ramp with a new
ramp in the North East corner of the site and a significant flat-floor space bounded by various skateable banks, walls,
ledges and steps. These create the possibility of a varied set of routes, movements and activities across the site.
The design is further articulated by the angularity and juxtaposition of elements and by the inclusion of cracks
across the flat floor. A demountable/accessible fibre glass roof is proposed to protect the space from rain. The overall
appearance is of a complex, yet coherent set of spaces with a strong atmospheric quality.


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