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STRELKA INSTITUTE  // Moscow, RU // Completed 

Together with acclaimed graphic design agency OK-RM, we designed the new signage structures for Strelka Institute in
Moscow. In response to the brief, we developed a series of grid frameworks that would hold a variety of 2D content,
and used scale, light and three-dimensional shifts to create a hierarchy between the various posters and signs. Besides
the main large signage structure, we also developed smaller poster stands, temporary partition screens, a lectern, and
a series of smaller notice boards and temporary signs. The project allowed us to pursue ideas of structural lightness
and elegance, as well as ideas of playfulness and public engagement through small scale interventions.
The design was part of the overall branding of the Strelka Institute, which was nominated for the Design of the year
award 2013 by The Design Museum in London.

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