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Stockholm Pavilions  // Stockholm, SE // Ongoing

This  proposal was for a series of temporary structures to be placed in strategic locations across
Stockholm. The idea was to create a flexible and modular frame system that could be configured to provide pavilions
for kiosks, cafés, changing rooms by the beaches, and general storage or service structures. Each pavilion is
composed of one or more ‘core’ modules, which can be pre-fitted with service connections for water and sewage
systems, and clad with a series of bespoke panels that can be tailored for the specific contexts in which they are
situated. The proposed material palette of light weight glass fibre reinforced concrete panels, and contrasting bronze
and anodized metal panels echo the very strong material composition of Stockholm, which is centred around yellow,
red and dark grey palette of stone and metal cladding. Windows, doors and other apertures are provided within the
flexible frame system.

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