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STRATFORD KIOSKS  // London, UK // 2011

One of the main problems facing Stratford Station today is the lack of clear visual direction and a general over-cluttering of the urban space. Our proposal for the new kiosks and cafe structure responds to this in two ways. Firstly by adopting a simple and clear architectural language to help neutralise the local urban environment; and secondly, by opening up the interiors towards some of the most important views, which include the grand stair leading to the Town Centre Link Bridge, and the Stratford Station entrance. Architecturally, the kiosks are designed as a series of interconnected sculptural forms, and are seen as a sculptural and simple backdrop to the hustle and bustle of the station, aiming to blend in while still maintaining a character of their own. The proposal was awarded 2nd Prize in an international design competition for the commision

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