Stephen Foley MRIAI

Christopher Foley MCIOB

‚ÄčCollaborators 2012-

Johan Berglund (+)

Carles Sala Roig (+)

Reija Ferusic (+)

Maroun C. Tabbal

Natalia Matesanz Ventura (+)

Angela Juarranz Serrano (+)

Alessandro Carlucci

Cesar Cruz

Alejandra Alonso Noriega

Francisco Rojas Rivadulla



Stephen graduated as an architect from Dublin Institute of Technology and has a Masters in Advanced Architecture from the School of Architecture Madrid (ETSAM).

He has over 10 years experience working on public, cultural and sports buildings having previously worked on the Qatar Faculty for Islamic Studies and the Avondale Park Pavilion amongst other award winning cultural projects in London and the Middle East with Mangera Yvars Architects before forming SFA with offices in Madrid and Dublin.He currently leads a 4th year design unit at the Cork Centre for Architectural Education and has taught at the School of Architecture Madrid (ETSAM), the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI), AA Visiting School Barcelona and University College London. 

In 2017 he was awarded the RIAI Future Award which is given to Emerging Irish Architects.