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TOPSHOP AW13 // London, UK // Completed 

Our involvement in the Topshop AW13 Show space was both as architects and art directors. Set in the Tate
Modern Tanks, we developed a theatrical proposal under two main themes: The photographic sequences of Edward
Muybridge, capturing movement through space, and the historic use of the Tate Tanks as oil storage facilities.
Working with the curved geometry of the room, we created a large curved wall for the entrance into the show space.
Clad in a high gloss black PVC finish, it referenced the history of oil, and also created a collage of reflections with
carefully positioned graphics and light. For the Topshop Unique show, the space was left almost untouched, and a
series of live panoramic projections captured the models and projected them as a shifting sequence of still images
across the walls of the tank space. The space was used throughout the London Fashion Week as the show space
for many young and emerging designers.

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