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URBANEARS  // London, UK // Completed 

We designed and delivered a shop fit-out for the first Urbanears headphone store, housed within a 40ft shipping
container as part of a pop-up mall in Shoreditch, east London. Conceptually, the interior was treated like a gallery, a simple monochromatic white space that forms a backdrop to the brightly coloured products on display. The undulating and mirrored side walls that display all the products provide a strong sculptural character to the room, while a back lit
storage wall creates a changing and variegated lighting effect in contrast to the minimal detailing of the space. At
night, the shop becomes a colourful beacon for the partygoers and visitors of Shoreditch and Brick Lane.
Bespoke and quirky product fittings adds a sense of playfulness to the space; the Medis in-ear headphones are
fitted in silicon molded ears, embedded in the Hanex walls, and the Bagis headphone can be pushed into bespoke plastic plugs, which are also integrated with the walls.

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