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VÄSTRA ACTIVITY PARK  // Falun, SE // 2012-

As a practice we are interested in the public space that connects buildings and landscapes, and in 2006 we initiated the process to design and build a new public activity park for skateboarding in Falun, Sweden. The park, situated in a UNESCO world heritage site, and neighbouring the great copper mine of Falun, covers a site area of 6,200m2.The design proposal is driven by a strong contextual and archaeological approach whereby the ground is conceptually ‘carved’ out to expose the sunken concrete surfaces that form the physical skateboarding areas of the park. The multifaceted geometry of the ground form and the need for robustness, determined the proposed materiality to be concrete. The singular material treatment reinforces its sculptural and monolithic qualities, while energising and distinguishing itself from the surrounding historic fabric. The plan is organised around a series of carved out trenches, which form the main directions and paths for the skateboarders, cyclists and people. Terraced levels of stepped seating are provided at the entrance to the park, where people can watch the skateboarding events. Areas of soft landscaping, grass, slagg and gravel are arranged in bands around the main skateboarding areas.

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